Emergency Rubbish Removal Service

Has a vehicle crashed through your property or your property suffered storm damage? When such events strike, Property Owners/Managers and Renters can find themselves in need of Emergency Rubbish Removal or things made safe till the insurance is sorted out. There can be quite an amount of accumulated garden waste from shredded trees and shrubs or inherited rubbish from other... Read More

Rubbish Attracting Rodents

With another El Nino forecast to last till Autumn 2019, the climatic conditions are ripe for an explosion in New Zealand’s rodent population, with the country’s urban areas worst hit. Prevention goes a long way to stopping rodents entering your buildings. Rodents can squeeze through gaps they can get their head through. Look around your buildings and seal gaps under... Read More

Building Consent Numbers Hit Record Last Seen In 1970s

Due to lack of staff resources Auckland Council housing consent have been stalling development. They are working to resolve this. Though population growth has slowed and we are now at a rate to keep up with it currently, but we’re not yet building enough to address the under-supply. Once Council resolves their resource issue, developers and builders will be soon... Read More

Auckland Water Blasting Services

With next School holidays starting on 15 October and Christmas in 3 months, the warmer weather and daylight-saving fast approaching (September 30), you may be thinking of sprucing up your property in preparation for sale, rental or in time for the influx of friends and relatives coming over for bar-b-ques, parties, etc. So how about a house wash or water blast... Read More

Fence Insurance Repairs Cover

As the onus is now on the Home Owner to ensure insurance coverage, it would pay to check your insurance policy first to see what it covers regarding your fences. If you are in any doubt with the wording in your policy, contact your insurer for clarification. What you think they are saying and what they said, can mean you... Read More

Property Makeover

Have you, like many others, been watching the property makeover tv shows like ‘Yard Crashers’, ‘Grand Designs’ and the ever popular ‘The Block NZ’? Thinking of your own property makeover? With next School holidays starting on 15 October and Christmas in 3 months, the warmer weather and daylight-saving fast approaching (Sunday 30 September 2018), you may want to get going... Read More

Williams Property Services News – 21.08.18

Remaining supply of new Auckland apartments drops What you lose on the round-a-bout you gain on the swings. When the developers find the inner-city market declines they tend to turn to the suburban market. A large Real Estate firm believes the reason for the fall in the supply of new development of apartments, is due to the lack of available... Read More

Property Maintenance 10.08.18

With early temperatures around the country well above average and is predicted to remain so for the next few months and be amongst the warmest ever. This means people should plan earlier than usual to get projects done, as soaring temperatures are sure to impede work. Daylight Saving is due to start on Sunday 30 September. So best to make... Read More

House Prices and Mandatory Building Warranties 08.08.18

Latest news of interest to the industry: Ban of Foreign Buyer won’t impact house prices inflation or affordability: https://www.interest.co.nz/property/94335/anz-economists-say-governments-forthcoming-ban-foreign-buyers-new-zealand-houses-not   Auckland Council Feb 2018 Mandatory Building Warranties: https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/about-auckland-council/business-in-auckland/docsoccasionalpapers/auckland-economic-quarterly-feb-2018.pdf Read More