We offer a quality carpet cleaning service for  commercial and residential  properties throughout Auckland. offices, schools, rental property’s large or small areas we  can clean.

We provide a quality carpet cleaning service for residential and commercial properties throughout Auckland. From large commercial premises, or multiple properties in different areas, right down to a single bedroom – we cater to jobs of any size.

Special treatments can be applied to isolated spots and stains, while giving the whole area a good steam clean. With cutting-edge equipment, our highly skilled, qualified technicians take pride in delivering a deep, thorough clean. We take pride in delivering results of a high standard, at reasonable prices.

If you’ve had a spill or flooding, it’s best to deal with it as soon as possible. Call us now for a no obligation quote on 0800 514 514.

Prepare your property to sell or rent A freshly cleaned carpet enhances the appeal of your property. So if you’re making preparations to put your house on the market or rent out your premises, call us in to help you add the finishing touch.

That fresh clean smell and lush look of a newly cleaned carpet can make all the difference in giving your property the edge. Or if you’re moving into a new place where the carpets are dull or dirty – why not treat yourself to our cleaning service, to have it fresh and bright before you arrive.

Extend the life of your carpet Carpet is a significant investment in any property, and we understand your desire to keep it looking good and lasting as long as possible. Our methods ensure there is no damage or wear to your carpet in the cleaning process and our goal is to help you extend the life and attractiveness of your carpet. Regular cleaning (every 12 months or so) actually helps to preserve your carpet, as well as eliminating the build-up of dust and bacteria that can cause allergies. Leaving dirt and grime to clog your carpet can stiffen it and make it wear out faster. After a good, professional clean, you’ll find itlooks and smells fresh and clean, with a new lease of life.


We use eco-friendly methods, and safe, biodegradable products wherever possible, because protecting our open spaces and natural environment is just as important to us as keeping your carpet in great condition!

Call us now for a no obligation quote on 0800 514 514.