Noxious Weed Removal – Auckland

Noxious plants tend to have no natural enemies, they compete with other plants and as a result grow aggressively to be highly destructive to other plants and difficult to control. They can also be injurious to agricultural or horticultural crops, natural habitats or ecosystems, including waterways, humans or livestock. To check out if you have a Pest Plant see the... Read More

Bamboo Removal Service – Auckland

Bamboo has many good properties, as it’s fast growing so can provide shelter and block out undesirable views. It’s very strong, has more tensile strength than steel (resistance to being pulled apart) and withstands compression better than concrete. It also has a variety of uses, like being made into furniture, panelling, flooring, clothing and bedding. Unfortunately, it can have unforeseen... Read More

Lawn Removal Service – Auckland

The wet Spring may have its benefits, especially if you are thinking of a new lawn or perhaps your existing one is looking very tired and full of weeds. May be its time to get rid of it and start afresh before the hot weather arrives. We can do all the hard labour to remove the old lawn, so it’s... Read More

Garden Mulch – Auckland

Applying mulch has many benefits for your garden and trees: It can help your garden to retain soil texture, temperature and moisture, which is especially important for your plants and trees over the hotter months, but can also help to prevent winter root injury. Over time, as the mulch breaks down, it improves the growing conditions for plants, adding nutrients... Read More

Fire Damaged Properties

Recently had a fire damaged property then there are some things you need to consider: Fire and water damaged walls and furnishings will attract mould very quickly, it will take time for the insurance to be sorted, so best to consult the Fire Service before you begin to start any clean up. Remember to keep all receipts for any services... Read More

Emergency Rubbish Removal Service

Has a vehicle crashed through your property or your property suffered storm damage? When such events strike, Property Owners/Managers and Renters can find themselves in need of Emergency Rubbish Removal or things made safe till the insurance is sorted out. There can be quite an amount of accumulated garden waste from shredded trees and shrubs or inherited rubbish from other... Read More

Rubbish Attracting Rodents

With another El Nino forecast to last till Autumn 2019, the climatic conditions are ripe for an explosion in New Zealand’s rodent population, with the country’s urban areas worst hit. Prevention goes a long way to stopping rodents entering your buildings. Rodents can squeeze through gaps they can get their head through. Look around your buildings and seal gaps under... Read More

Building Consent Numbers Hit Record Last Seen In 1970s

Due to lack of staff resources Auckland Council housing consent have been stalling development. They are working to resolve this. Though population growth has slowed and we are now at a rate to keep up with it currently, but we’re not yet building enough to address the under-supply. Once Council resolves their resource issue, developers and builders will be soon... Read More

Auckland Water Blasting Services

With next School holidays starting on 15 October and Christmas in 3 months, the warmer weather and daylight-saving fast approaching (September 30), you may be thinking of sprucing up your property in preparation for sale, rental or in time for the influx of friends and relatives coming over for bar-b-ques, parties, etc. So how about a house wash or water blast... Read More